LGBTQ+ people are infinitely diverse, but our stories of courage and authenticity unite us. For many of us, declaring our true selves for the first time out loud was just the beginning of a lifelong journey to claim our individual identities. The relatively brief moment of “becoming,” was the initiation into the enduring dedication to a lifetime of “being.”

Living Without Disguises provides a space where all members of the LGBTQ+ community share their stories about transitioning from becoming into being. This project is an online anthology of the many ways we have chosen to shed the disguises that once masked our true selves, enabling us to live authentically.

In this reclaimed region, we wield our words with wisdom and honesty; with love and hope. Here, it is safe, sacred, and celebrated to be Living Without Disguises.

Stories of Courage and Authenticity

In their own words

Steven Gin

Ultimately, it's all about possibility

I think I’ve largely had to make my own opportunities

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Shahid Majid

The confidence.

I’ve decided that in my life it’s not worth holding myself back

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Rebecca Solen

I'm finally living life

I want people to be able to find the same thing I have found

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Phil Caouette

I'm true to myself

This is the real me, and I’m confident, and here I am.

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Kevin Huntting

I will speak up.

Each new day is an opportunity to allow more light into your life.

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Joanna Morrison

I love exploring

I get to live in a safe environment and be who I am

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Addison Lee

And now here I am

I feel whole, and more me than I ever have.

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Addison D’Marko

I'm here to stay

Go out every day and be me and not hide any part of it

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