Our stories of courage and authenticity

LGBTQ+ people are infinitely diverse, but our stories of courage and authenticity unite us. For many of us, declaring our true selves for the first time out loud was just the beginning of a lifelong journey to claim our individual identities. The relatively brief moment of “becoming,” was the initiation into the enduring dedication to a lifetime of “being.”

Living Without Disguises is a non-profit organization that provides a space where all members of the LGBTQ+ community share their stories about transitioning from becoming into being. This project is an online anthology of the many ways we have chosen to shed the disguises that once masked our true selves, enabling us to live authentically.

In this reclaimed region, we wield our words with wisdom and honesty; with love and hope. Here, it is safe, sacred, and celebrated to be Living Without Disguises.

Stories of Courage and Authenticity

In their own words

  • Joanna Morrison
    I love exploring

    I get to live in a safe environment and be who I am
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  • Addison Lee
    And now here I am...

    I feel whole, and more me than I ever have.
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  • Addison D’Marko
    I'm here to stay

    Go out every day and be me and not hide any part of it
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  • Phil Caouette
    I'm true to myself

    This is the real me, and I’m confident, and here I am.
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  • Rebecca Solen
    I'm finally living life

    I want people to be able to find the same thing I have found
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  • Kevin Huntting
    I will speak up!

    Each new day is an opportunity to allow more light into your life.
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  • Steven Gin
    Ultimately, it’s all about possibility.

    I think I’ve largely had to make my own opportunities
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  • Shahid Majid
    The confidence!

    I’ve decided that in my life it’s not worth holding myself back
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  • Leigh Beacom
    I am Passionate!

    Right now, I feel like I’m in the best place I’ve ever been in my life.
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  • Kate Herbert
    I Smile!

    I don’t have to be the fake me; I can just be me.
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  • Karen Carrier
    I feel like I can do anything now

    I love the person I am today because I feel free to be who I really am.
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  • Rae Clark
    I am thankful!

    Story from Rae Clark, submitted to the LWD Project August 4, 2017.
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  • Wyatt Marchessault
    It may sound cheesy or corny...

    Interview with Wyatt Marchessault in Victoria, BC on March 26, 2017
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  • Jodi Alena Whiteman
    I hide no longer

    Each day I try to imagine what it means to be living without disguises, and each day I come up short.
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  • James Gardner
    I take pleasure in the small things

    Unlike many other transgender people, I didn’t grow up knowing that I was born in the wrong body.
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  • Ron Fisher
    My journey is not over!

    On January the 1st 2016 I came out to my wife after 42 years of marriage. It was the end of denying who I was and the start of the life I was meant to live.
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  • Hart Downey
    It feels fabulous to be able to be me!

    I think I always knew, for as long back as I can remember. I was the gentle one, the artistic one, the imaginative one the one who could entertain himself all alone.
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To broadcast the stories of LGBTQ+ people across the globe so that we may understand that we are not alone; that although our stories are unique and diverse, we share an unbreakable connection to one another.

  • Pride

    We fully embrace the dignity of who we are. We live free of fear and shame – boldly, fearlessly and authentically.

  • Unity

    We recognize the infinite voices within our community, hold space for all to be heard, and rise as one.

  • Courage

    We speak up and speak out – for ourselves, for those we love, and for those we have not yet met.

  • Equality

    We stand up to claim our essential human rights – respect, dignity, and recognition for every member of our community.