Round the World 2018

It has taken many months of exploring options, but we have now finalized the details of the around-the-world trip beginning in May. With the multitude of LGBTQ+ events that will happen in 2018 to choose from, the many organizations we hope to visit, scheduling dozens of potential individual interviews with locals, connecting with translators (plus tackling the logistics of booking 20+ flights and accommodations over the eight months) coordinating this adventure was a daunting task!

But ultimately when we remind ourselves why we are doing this and what is at stake for LGBTQ+ communities around the world, who are in various stages of enacting sexual orientation laws to protect members, we know it will all be worth it. The organizations and grassroots groups we are meeting with will shed light on their work and provide us with a better view of how they will achieve their strategic goals.

The stories that we will be collecting will continue to be shared on the project’s website, and the footage from the interviews will be amalgamated into a documentary film. Keep reading our blog for more stories and updates.

The big events we are committed to so far are:
– Edinburgh Pride June 15-18
– London Pride July 5-9
– Paris 2018 Gay Games August 4-12

This map indicates some of the cities we will be visiting and will add more as we confirm.