Plan B

For years my mother has used the expression “Life is full of challenges, and if ‘Plan A’ doesn’t work out, then you have to go to ‘Plan B’.” And so onto Plan B we go!

Plan A, our “Round the World Trip,” has been put on hold indefinitely due to a serious illness in the family. The trip and documentary will go forward at some time in the future, and we will keep everyone informed when we are able to confirm.

Plan B, our “Global Outreach Campaign” will be our immediate priority. The search for new contributors and grassroots organizations will continue, which allows us to work closer to home. We will continue to connect to individuals and groups across the globe, and share their stories and activities with you. We will be attending pride events in Western Canada to increase our visibility, to explore opportunities to collaborate with local organizations, and to help bring attention to important issues facing the LGBTQ+ community. We look forward to connecting with you in person and online in the coming months. Stay tuned here and on our social media channels for more updates. In the meantime, be well and be yourselves!