Antonio Rivadeneira

I did not realize who I was until I stopped being who I was not

“I am gay” were the three most difficult words that I had to say in my entire life

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Into the Shade: Sarah’s story

By Dawn

I had a chance to talk to Sarah about her physical transition just 8 weeks after her gender reassignment operation.

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Hart Downey

It feels fabulous to be able to be me!

I think I always knew, for as long back as I can remember. I was the gentle one, the artistic one, the imaginative one the one who could entertain himself all alone.

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Ron Fisher

My journey is not over

On January the 1st 2016 I came out to my wife after 42 years of marriage. It was the end of denying who I was and the start of the life I was meant to live.

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James Gardner

I take pleasure in the small things

Unlike many other transgender people, I didn’t grow up knowing that I was born in the wrong body.

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Jodi Alena Whiteman

I hide no longer

Each day I try to imagine what it means to be living without disguises, and each day I come up short.

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Wyatt Marchessault

It may sound cheesy or corny...

Interview with Wyatt Marchessault in Victoria, BC on March 26, 2017

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Rae Clark

I am thankful!

Story from Rae Clark, submitted to the LWD Project August 4, 2017.

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Karen Carrier

I feel like I can do anything now!

I love the person I am today because I feel free to be who I really am.

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Kate Herbert

I don't have to be the fake me; I can just be me.

I don’t have to be the fake me; I can just be me.

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Leigh Beacom

I am now more active and accepting of all parts of myself

Right now, I feel like I’m in the best place I’ve ever been in my life.

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Shahid Majid

The confidence.

I’ve decided that in my life it’s not worth holding myself back

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Kevin Huntting

I will speak up.

Each new day is an opportunity to allow more light into your life.

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Rebecca Solen

I'm finally living life

I want people to be able to find the same thing I have found

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Phil Caouette

I'm true to myself

This is the real me, and I’m confident, and here I am.

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Steven Gin

Ultimately, it's all about possibility

I think I’ve largely had to make my own opportunities

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Addison D’Marko

I'm here to stay

Go out every day and be me and not hide any part of it

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Addison Lee

And now here I am

I feel whole, and more me than I ever have.

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Joanna Morrison

I love exploring

I get to live in a safe environment and be who I am

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