Living Without Disguises Documentary

Call for Participants

Are you living your authentic life?
We are looking for proud, courageous individuals to contribute their story to the LWD Project documentary.

Living Without Disguises will be filming in Edmonton, Lethbridge, Victoria, Vancouver, Kamloops, Kelowna, Calgary and Red Deer from June – October 2018. We will profile several LGBTQ+ individuals from diverse and multi-cultural backgrounds and their experiences coming to live their authentic lives. We aim to feature a diverse perspective, highlighting stories of individuals who have overcome adversity and suffering, and individuals who have had positive experiences in their journey.

The film will ask the following questions:

What does it mean to “live an authentic life”?
What was the defining moment/s that enabled you to step into your own authentic self?
What happened when you decided to shed your disguises?
What obstacles have you faced while becoming your true you, if any?
How have you embodied transformation?
What happened when you embraced yourself as enough?

What does the film production involve?

  • Still and video images of people celebrating in Pride events
  • Interviews on location at Pride events
  • Interviews in professional studios
  • Interviews at relevant locations relevant to you, in and around your city


If you have questions, are interested, know someone the might be interested, or wish to learn more about participation,
please contact Dale Dunham, at